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Trinkets related to Rumi and whirling dervishes. Also on display are musical instruments used in his time, as well as numerous art works dating from the Seljuk era.

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A free sema whirling dervish ceremony is held at the Mevlana Cultural Centre every Saturday at 7pm current in Feb taking one and a half hours. Want to learn more? Between May and September, there are services most days due to pilgrim groups visiting nearly every day. As a railway operations planning specialist myself, I am saddened by the poor quality of some of the timetable planning and operations within TCDD.

Such information should be published both in Annual Reports, and at stations on a more-frequent basis say every three months. Between the two nuns, they can communicate in Italian, French, German, English, and Turkish, but to varying degrees.

Also on display are musical instruments used in his time, as well as numerous art works dating from the Seljuk era.

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Direct service from Istanbul to Sivas is also planned upon opening with an expected journey time of around 5 hours. Buying tickets at stations is still a slow and complicated business. The gathering of train punctuality information and sharing it both within TCDD and with the wider public would be a powerful management tool towards improving performance.

The hall is very big so there will probably be free seats, but it is recommended to arrive a bit earlier to allow time for luggage screening and a cup of tea. For accommodation there is a boutique hotel at the cay mosque, a beautifully and profesional restored old turkish manison in the center of the village.

HungarySlovakiaGermanyUK. Take a walk at Zafer Street. Sleeping-cars yatakli wagon in Turkish. However, far from treating this as a potential source of useful information to their passengers, TCDD regard this as Top Secret.

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The journey is now reduced to as little as 3 hours 49 minutes. Traditional Mevlana-candy white with a mint taste. A second one is off of the Kule tram station. The railway will use a straighter route to Sivas, through Yozgatbypassing Kayseri. All the locals know it, famous through Konya as the best place to get Iskender kebab.

Istanbul-Konya[ edit ] The line was put into service on 17 December Do they involve running your own business? If you have some credentials i. No flash photography or applauding during the ceremony so as not to disturb the dervishes.Jan 01,  · On a recent journey from Konya to Ankara the YHT train ran at over kph for significant distances, and yet only just managed to maintain the schedule.

Perhaps these timings are slightly too tight, which puts pressure on drivers to exceed the speed limits in order to. Jan 27,  · This feature is not available right now.

Please try again later.

To Pendik YHT train at early hour - Istanbul Forum

Konya is the southern terminus of Turkey’s high speed railway system (YHT), with regular fast trains to Istanbul, Eskişehir and samoilo15.com trains from Istanbul currently leave from Pendik some 25 km east of city centre: take the metro to Kartal then bus or taxi the last 5 km to Pendik and allow 2 samoilo15.comd In: Central Anatolia Region.

Yüksek Hızlı Tren or YHT (English: High-Speed Train) is the high-speed rail service of the Turkish State Railways, currently operating on two lines: Ankara to Istanbul via.

Business Class vagonlar daha da geniş koltuklar yer almakta; fakat normal vagonların koltukları gerçekten geniş Normal vagonda bir sırada 4(2+2) koltuk yer alırken, Business vagonda 3(2+1). Apr 06,  · Hi Enigma😊 Thanks for your respond.I just saw am train for Istanbul-Eskisehir-Konya route, maybe opt for this samoilo15.com you know once arrive Eskisehir, is it the tram to city centre like odunpazari, porsuk cayi, sazova castle nearby the YHT station, like walking distance?

Not much info from samoilo15.com you😁.

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